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The Spirit of Artisan

Sekundär design process of making jewelry


Real flower Jewelry is made from precious natural flowers and plants. Chen, Wen-ting collects these plants and flowers from Taiwan and Japan being careful to only choose the highest quality specimens.  After a careful drying and curing process, resin is applied layer by layer to preserve the flower in a perfect state of ‘bloom’.

Each piece is unique, varying each season, with entirely different physical structures; making no two alike. Each artwork represents new beginnings, imagination and creativity; nature’s power can be found within each jewelry piece and with it the courage and confidence to face all obstacles that the future will bring.

"Wearing a Sekundär jewelry piece will bring you tranquility and peace."


The plants are carefully selected from Taiwan and Japan. Some of them the flowers are dried while others undergo extensive preservation processes, such as decolorization, coloring.  The entire process can take anywhere from several days to months. To maintain quality this process cannot be rushed and must be handled with care.

Sekundär design process


Sekundär design process

In addition to handpicked floral items Sekundär Jewelry uses freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are natural wonders, much like the flowers each individual pearl brings a new shape. We celebrate and highlight their flaws in each collection to represent the beauty of individuality.  The pearls are kept in their purest form without the need for synthetic chemical processing. We enjoy appreciating their individuality and the natural condition.

"We believe every natural material is born perfectly, just like all people, perfectly imperfect."


Sekundär design process
Sekundär design process

Compared to normal resin jewelry found on the market, Sekundär only uses the highest quality resin available. The resin must be imported from Japan and is what allows for the high level of transparency found in Sekundär pieces; each flower’s delicate texture is preserved and maintained. The pieces will look as fresh as the day they were carefully selected and gathered.

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