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brand story

Sekundär is a fashion designer label based in Berlin, offering one of a kind accessories made from Real Flowers.

The unique Jewelry line uses the beauty and story of each flower to highlight the uniqueness found in nature. In the near future, we are will offer Sekundär’s clothing line and a lifestyle shop, with select homeware items carefully crafted in Taiwan and Japan.

Sekundär was founded by Chen, Wen-Ting in 2018 in Berlin. Chen, Wen-Ting is originally from Taipei, Taiwan.“Sekundär“ is a philosophy, a way of life that means ‘second place’ in German. The idea comes from the ancient philosophy of Daoism, against the Human-Centered Theory. Instead, we believe all things are closely linked and exist equally, however great or small; we stand behind all things on the earth and put the others in the ‘first’.
We stand apart from fashion’s modern value system. We do not view ourselves as number one; we do not chase standard beauty, we are different, we are ourselves.
In the era of mechanical mass production, Sekundär appreciates the spirit of artisans and their ability to awaken a material’s soul while inspiring our inner listener. Sekundär offers much more than fashion items, it offers a different lifestyle. The products bear our spiritual sustenance; full of hopes and imagination.


sekundär 是由設計師陳玟廷創立於2018年德國柏林,sekundär在德文中是“第二位“的意思,是一種生活哲學,靈感來自於道家思想,反人類為世界中心理論,而是我們相信萬物皆有靈,相互相連,無論是大是小,都平等存在著,我們把大自然和客人放在第一位,不盲目追求時尚,在大量工業製造的時代下,我們更珍惜手作的珍貴,透過工藝的雙手喚醒萬物的靈魂,相信所有的天然物質都是完美的誕生,“perfectly imperfect”,就像每一朵花一樣,透過欣賞大自然的美從中學習欣賞獨一無二的自己,使用日本的永生花材和高品質的樹脂材料,做出每一個獨特的真花飾品,結合藝術與大自然的能量。 sekundär做的不只是時尚,而是一種生活方式,讓我們的產品充滿了希望和想像力。


Sekundär aims to spread uniqueness and peace, to celebrate cultural differences and aesthetics. To inspire cultural interactions between the East and the West; by combing art, fashion, and environment. Sekundär does this while spreading the wisdom of Daoism philosophy to the world.
Our wish is to enhance the emotional relationship between products and consumers through the art of storytelling. Each product has a story to tell about its origin, how it was made and what it is made of, Sekundär represents conscious consumerism; a chance to step away from the toxic mentality of over-consumption.


sekundär致力於散發獨特與寧靜的味道,東西文化不同的美感,透過結合藝術,文化與大自然的能量,增加東西方文化創意的激盪,傳遞古老道家思想的智慧,並且增加商品與客人的情感連結,每一個作品都是一個故事,代表著“conscious consumerism‘道德消費意識,一個逃離大量生產下心靈毒害的機會。


The founder of Sekundär, Chen Wen-Ting has devoted herself to fashion and sustainability. She has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Taiwan and a Master degree in sustainability in fashion from Germany. In addition to her professional knowledge and training, she worked as a design assistant and production manager in Taiwan. After she finished her master’s degree, she worked for several German fashion companies, such as Steinrohner and Micheal Michalsky.  Chen Wen-Ting was awarded various international design awards and was invited to attend Berlin Ethical fashion week in 2017 and 2018. Her background and work experience in both Taiwan and Germany have helped to hone her fashion and sustainability knowledge.
Her previous work focused on paying respect to products, nature, and was inspired by cultural differences.“Sekundär” represents a spiritual world representing both Daoist philosophy and Asian aesthetic.  Daoists believe in animism, that everything has a spirit. Spirits exist not only in humans, but also in animals, plants, mountains, and rivers. This concept is understood in the natural world, but it is also reflected in products.  The Sekundär philosophy believes that if you treat an object with a respect, it will also react positively. This mindset translates to all of Chen, Wen-ting work and is reflected in the product’s quality and attention to detail.


品牌創立者陳玟廷致力於永續時尚。在台灣輔仁大學完成服裝設計學位,在德國完成永續時尚的碩士學位。曾經在台灣與德國的服裝設計公司擔任過設計助理,例如品牌Steinrohner and Micheal Michalsky. 也曾獲得許多獎項,參加過2017年和2018年的柏林永續時裝周。
她過去的作品注重在尊重材料,大自然,與文化差異。Sekundär 呈現的是道家思想與東方的美,相信萬物皆有靈,靈魂不只存在於人類,更是在於一花一樹木,山與水,這個概念也反映在她的作品裡。  Sekundär的哲學相信若你善待一個物品,那個物品也會回饋美好給您,這些生活哲學反映在陳玟廷的作品和產品的品質與細節中。
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